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And here is my photo! Can you spot the different movie that is incorporated?


The reason that I chose Christmas Vacation, is because Cousin Eddie is my host character for this class. Hopefully you enjoy this mashup assignment!


Week 11 Summary

So this week was actually very easy. For me it was all about video editing and getting my mini-documentary ready to go. So in this blog post, I am going to go over some of the things that went well for me and a few challenges.

*I am not going to say any names yet, because I am going to wait until class on Tuesday, November 8th before I show anyone the final result.

Good things: First of all, I had one of the best subjects to work with! This individual has a great story, and is truly an inspiration to those around her! She was very cooperative about the whole situation; in fact, she was actually very touched that I would ask her to do such a video.

I think the whole filming process went off without a hitch. We got all the footage we needed, plus some. We made sure to get plenty of B-Roll, lots of action shots, slider movement, and even used mics and lights. Her family was very excited about it as well, so they decided to join in as well.

During the editing process, I was very lucky to have access to a lot of very nice editing software, so that part was easy. I had a plethora of video to choose from, so that was also very nice. But there were a few things that I struggled with.

Bad things: I really wouldn’t have changed anything during the shooting process, but I really had a tough time finding music. I really had a good feel for the mood that I wanted to set, but it was just so hard to find the right type of music. All of the music that I found had one of two things wrong with it:

  1. It just wasn’t quite the right feel.
  2. It cost $20+ to get it

I wasn’t about to spend any money on this, so I kept digging until I finally found one! Now I stitched it all together and I really like the outcome of what it finally looks like.

Check back on November 8th, 2015 for the link to the documentary.

Video Assignment

This scene is coming from one of the greatest produced movies of all time. Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors and directs all in the same person. This scene is one that especially stands out in my mind. The camera work is just what you would expect from a Clint Eastwood movie. But it’s the acting and the things going on around the scene that help to portray what is happening. The building is run-down, a few junky cars are driving around in the background, the ghetto is exactly what it should look like. I really like the minimalist use of music and how they use a lot of natural sound in the scene; it really brings a lot to it. If you have never seen this movie, I HIGHLY recommend seeing it. It is my all-time favorite movie.

Week 9 Summary

This week was very easy in regards to the actual assignments that we needed to do, but very stressful in my day to day life. To start off the week, we were to listen to the radio show that we made  and to the other class’. Click here to read more about it.

Next up on the list was to do 10 stars worth of assignments:

  1. LogoAssignment Link
  2. business_card_color_NKochAssignment Link
  3. Final_Box_Front_NickAssignment Link

Next up on the list was to do 3 daily creates. Click here to see them all!

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Bring on week 10!