Video Assignment

This scene is coming from one of the greatest produced movies of all time. Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors and directs all in the same person. This scene is one that especially stands out in my mind. The camera work is just what you would expect from a Clint Eastwood movie. But it’s the acting and the things going on around the scene that help to portray what is happening. The building is run-down, a few junky cars are driving around in the background, the ghetto is exactly what it should look like. I really like the minimalist use of music and how they use a lot of natural sound in the scene; it really brings a lot to it. If you have never seen this movie, I HIGHLY recommend seeing it. It is my all-time favorite movie.


Radio Show Reflection

Last Thursday night, Oct. 22nd, our Digital Media II class met up at 7 o’clock to talk with Lisa Morton. Afterwards, we sat around and listened to the online class’ radio show then ours. I am going to talk about the online class’ portion of the radio show.

I thought it was really good! There are a few things I would have love to seen though. Although I loved hearing about the movies, I’m not sure that’s what the whole radio show should’ve been centered around. I would’ve like to seen more dialog in between everyone (even if it is just spliced together).

What I did like about it is how everyone pitched it. I know it can be hard to do when everyone is in different cities (and states), but it seems that everyone did a really great job! I was very impressed with the quality of work that everyone put in together, because I know it takes a lot to learn new software. Great job to everyone involved!

Radio Show Progress

Good afternoon! This is a quick update on the radio show progress. There isn’t really a whole lot to update on, but I will let you know what I know. We have all been given different segments in the radio show process. For me, I am doing some music, a bumper, and doing the host character. Everyone else is doing their part as well. I feel like everyone is doing their part and that this project is gonna be pretty neat when it is done!

Film Analysis; FilmDesign

So for this assignment, we were supposed to watch a movie and do what the instructions said. Frankly, all of those movies looked very boring. So I’m gonna do the same assignment, but I am going to talk about Gran Torino. (Because it’s my absolute favorite movie of all time.)

Design in this sense means deliberate decision-making to achieve a specific goal. So what kind of specific goals do you think we are looking for? I think the biggest thing that I am interested is the willing suspension of disbelief. What is this you might ask? With any film, the viewer has to ignore the reality that they are viewing a two-dimensional moving image on a screen and temporarily accept it as reality in order to be entertained. (Wikipedia) It makes you forget that you are in a movie theater, and that you are actually in the movie.

The reason that I love Gran Torino so much is because I feel like I get lost in it. There are many things that capture you without you even knowing. For instance, camera angles capture you. Lighting that seems normal. Sounds that are in places where they should be. Accents from people that should have accents. Maybe a house is very homey in the sense that it is decorated like the person that lives there. There is a LOT that goes into producing a movie and making you believe it’s real. Because if you think in your mind for even ONE second that the movie it not real, you lose the excitement and the movie because dull.


Complete a DesignBlitz. To be fair, nature is a design. And most of the time it’s a beautiful design. So that’s why one of my photos is of a tree. I will explain more when I get there.

Minimalism: This photo, to me, represents that.. In a weird sort of way. I’ve always thought that tree all by itself looks very lonely. Maybe it’s not the best by definition, but as for being minimalistic I think it is pretty close.


Typography: This photo really makes me mad, and that’s is why I took it. The kerning between the “k” and the “ing” in the word “smoking” just irritates the hell out of me. MAKE SURE IT’S LINED UP WHEN YOU PAINT IT.IMG_2415

Color: In a world full of color, this purple bench stands out a lot. I love it.


Balance: I LOVE THIS PHOTO. All of the light poles on one side are the same as on the other side. ITS SO SYMMETRICAL.


Not really a big fan on this assignment, but it could’ve been because I had a very long and hectic schedule. But life is life! And what’s done is done.