Week 8 Summary

I cannot believe we are already this far through school! This week wasn’t the most jam-packed with school work, but it was definitely time consuming because of the extent of the radio show that we had to do. So for this week, we had to finish the radio show, comment, do some Daily Creates, and post about our radio show progress. Here is all of that listed out:

  1. Completed Radio Show
  1. Radio Show Progress
  2. Commenting:
    1. Comment 1
    2. Comment 2
    3. Comment 3
    4. Comment 4
    5. Comment 5
    6. Comment 6
    7. Comment 7
    8. Comment 8
    9. Comment 9
    10. Comment 10
  3. Daily Creates:
    1. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
    2. Google the Days of Yore
    3. The Eight Day

Can’t wait to see what week 9 has in store for us, here we go!


One thought on “Week 8 Summary

  1. This turned out awesome Nick! Everything flows really well and I like how you added the music box audio in the background. Thanks for all your help and the work you put into bringing this together.


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