Week 7 Summary

Ok, so this week has been mostly focused around the idea of getting our radio show set up and idea out on the table. During class the entire week, all we did was get segments ready, designate who was gonna do what, and prepare for the editing process. This weekly summary is going to be pretty short, because all of the work we did isn’t really accessible yet. However, here are the links to my ten comments:

  1. Comment 1
  2. Comment 2
  3. Comment 3
  4. Comment 4
  5. Comment 5
  6. Comment 6
  7. Comment 7
  8. Comment 8
  9. Comment 9
  10. Comment 10

I can’t wait to get this radio show done later this week, I think it is going to turn our very well!


3 thoughts on “Week 7 Summary

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