Weekly Summary – Week 5

Well, here is a run-down on how this week went. Not going to lie, I was a littler nervous about this week. Just because I really don’t like working with the sound of my own voice really. But I actually got a lot out of this week, let’s go through it!

  1. Download and Experiment with Audacity: I did this. Can’t say I was a big fan of it. For most of  my audio projects, I used Adobe Audition. It’s software that I already have on my computer, and one that I am already familiar with.
  2. Think about Audio Storytelling: To read more about this, visit my blog post here.
  3. Listen to “Moon Graffiti”: This audio story was INTENSE. To be honest, it didn’t capture me right away, but man did it turn around really fast. All of the sounds made me feel like I was actually there. I could visualize it as if I were actually there. The static from the radio, the crash, the talking; all of it played a big role in making me feel like I could actually see what was happening.
  4. Read “Last Laugh”: To read more about this, visit my blog post here.
  5. Participate in a live tweet-along: Here is the link to my tweet. Not much, I know. But I didn’t figure out the correct time for a while.
  6. 3 Daily Creates: Here are links to the blog posts, as well as photos too!
    1. Abbey Road – Blog Postabbey_road
    2. Spongy Latte – Blog Postfinal_spongebob
    3. Juxtapose Old and New – Blog Postboat
  7. Create a Radio Bumper: To listen to it, and to read about the process, click here.
  8. Complete 10 Stars of Audio Assignments:
    1. Assignment 1
    2. Assignment 2
    3. Assignment 3

I just wanna point out, that my assignment 3 went dang near viral on SoundCloud. At the time of writing this blog post, it has well over 8,000 views and even the artist HIMSELF commented on the track saying it sounded dope!

9. Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas: This is something that we are probably going to go over in class in more detail.

10. Commenting: I did! One of the other classmates and I have been chatting about my karaoke song and things that we’ve been posting.


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